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Destiny 2

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9/27/2017 7:30:54 PM

Destiny Community

This post goes for people that criticize every day the game but still plays it. 1. Stop cheesing it. Its funny people says some aspects like prestige nf are hard but most dont try to learn how to play it as a team and using what. 2. Again stop cheesing. Farming non stop the same place for stuff or creating another character to raise power ( nice move bungie against this. ) Im 305 since last tuesday its not that hard really. 3. If you have complaints search what activision did to bungie original destiny. It was full of story and content but the first company screwed them. 4. If its so hard to do stuff try to learn. Im a scrub on pvp but im learning and playing to improve and its been a lot of fun. 5. Try to make actual critics regarding some aspects. This is not your game its bungie. I dont remenber mario or sonic or pinball being criticized for being too hard. At last. Have fun. Thats the secret.

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