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9/26/2017 10:57:26 PM


The clans message is at the end.... About this clan: - We're an awesome and a active group already, laid back and ready for raids, nightfalls, etc. We are all willing to teach and be taught to strengthen each other as we go. We've been playing since the original release and have grown as the franchise grows. -------------------------------------------------- Requirements to join us: - comment or like this post. You can message me as well. -------------------------------------------------- If you're looking for a great clan of all different skill levels, look no further. We are active daily and absolutely love being apart of this new adventure as we all see what awaits in Destiny 2. -A MESSAGE TO ALL ACROSS THE GALAXY- In these dark times when the light is hard to find. The Knights Watch has accepted the challenge of restoring order and bringing peace in the galaxy. We will rise up against all enemies to bring you the light. Stand with us in strength and numbers so we can all be free again. We fight strong for the weak, we stand tall for the small, and we bring light in the dark. We are the Ethereal Knights Watch. Join Us...

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