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Sidearms. Any thoughts or ideas about what you'd like to see?

I goddamn love sidearms, I've loved them since I started playing mid Y2. The majority of my crucible kills came from my Jabberhakke, Conviction II and Ironwreath-D. Best weapon type ever, in my humble opinion. So far sidearms in D2 have been a mixed bag for me. I certainly prefer a classic semiauto handgun for a sidearm, and have more of an appreciation for present day inspired design than any other (Hakke et al). I have been burning up so many engrams in hopes of finding an Energy slot equivilent to the Hakke style sidearms you can find for your Kinetic slot, but Im not sure any of that type exist for that. I wanna see more Hakke designs or similar style handguns for both slots, personally. I cant stand the Suros, Veist and Omolon designs and mechanics myself, they looks ridiculous to me and dont fit my playstyle for the most part. Suros pistols have a barrel reminiscent of a goddamn coin slot, Omolon pistols share a striking resemblance to a label maker and Veist pistols look like they belong in Eris Morn's dildo collection. (Not to shit on the artists here or anything, maybe Im just a boring asshat with no imagination) Anyways, just wondering how my fellow guardians feel about this. Any thoughts, any criticisms or any ideas regarding sidearms and what they bring to the game?

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