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[Closed] [PS4-USA] You're a top tier raider, you need a clan that can keep up.

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming interest! I honestly found it difficult to keep up with replies. We've currently got a good number of active recruits and are no longer taking open applications. If we decide to expand again in the future, I will come back to this post and reach out to you guys and check if there's still interest. [b]Who we are[/b] “The Notes” is a high caliber PS4 clan at the forefront of PvE activities. We are players that have accomplished the toughest challenges this game has to offer, and many more that we created for ourselves. Our guys have 2-manned Vault of Glass, soloed Crota’s End, 4-manned King’s Fall, 2-manned Aksis, and put up some speedrun records to boot. We’re not satisfied simply knowing we can beat a boss, we want to test ourselves and find out exactly how badly we can destroy them! At the moment, our main focus is speedrunning the Leviathan raid. So if you’re tired of carrying LFG groups, and you want an opportunity at record-breaking challenges, [b]please reply here![/b] I may not always be available to reply, so posting on this thread will allow my clanmates to get in touch with you quicker. You can also make yourself stand out by briefly describing your raiding experience, skill level, and intentions. If you have multiple characters, maybe even tell us which is your main since we'll probably check out your stats. Silent requests to join the clan will likely go unanswered, as we want to get to know you before adding you to our ranks; not the other way around. The Notes was founded around PvE activities, but we’ve always enjoyed running through the Crucible as well. Our guys go flawless regularly and have a few impressive montages. If you believe you can take our group PvP game to the next level, there’s a place for you here. [b]What can you expect from The Notes?[/b] The primary benefit you’ll receive in this clan is access to regular PvE activities with high caliber players like yourself. At a minimum, we’re happy to breeze through raids and nightfalls multiple times per week to help characters gear up. Past that, we will keep running for fun or to look for improvements in our strategies, or even try to set a speedrun record. Not every run is full 100% butt-kicking serious mode, we also enjoy fun stuff like HUDless play and intra-clan raid races. We like to keep a lighthearted mood during our gaming, so you can expect some terrible jokes and some light teasing. Even though I advertise us as an elite clan, the stereotypical elitist attitude doesn’t exist here and will not be tolerated. You will never get screamed at for making mistakes, you'll only receive helpful advice, and maybe some tips and tricks to become an even stronger player. Our overall goal is to work together to become one of the top raiding teams in Destiny. [b]What The Notes will expect from you[/b] We’re planning to remain a relatively small and close-knit clan, and as such we will be selective when considering applicants. There are only 3 requirements to apply: ~Have a mic ~Have a desire to achieve raiding excellence ~Able to play during evenings in the US We don’t discriminate against any age, gender, or race. Once you’ve shown an interest in joining, we’ll have an admin talk to you about your Destiny experience, skill level, and future intentions. If we think you might fit well, you’ll be invited to some activities with the clan. At first we’ll just have some fun and give you an opportunity to see the atmosphere of our group and how we play. It’s your chance to judge us. The next step will be more raiding, but we will be watching you more. Starting with normal roles in familiar activities, and then pushing you outside of your comfort zone to see if you can adapt and pull more than your own weight. Our ideal candidate will ask “how fast can we kill this boss?” or “what challenges can we impose upon ourselves to have more fun?" If you’re interested in more information about the clan, feel free to check out some [url=]videos[/url] of things we’ve done or ask questions here. I look forward to hearing from you guardians, happy gaming!

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