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Изменено (CellusS-): 9/23/2017 3:54:41 PM

[PS4] [NEW] Active, fresh clan recruiting all players!

[b]420-Fighterz[/b] [i]Gettin' high and savin'/takin' lives.[/i] We are a clan pretty cool, [u]chill[/u], fun bunch of guardians looking to gather up more for our cause, which is to having fun enjoying a game we all know and love. [b][i]This clan was originally started by me and my girlfriend as a fun project at first but then we wanted more, we wanted to grow and be great, so please help us out and we'll do the same.[/i][/b] 😊 In short really all you have to do is join and be active, that's all I ask. Oh and duh, have fun! Lol You can add us both Me: [b]CellusS-[/b] , Her: [b]NaturallyMeh[/b] , we usually play every day and even though I appear offline , I'm on . #PS4MASTERRACE

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