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Hey bungie, Ever since I've purchased destiny 2, I've been getting extremely long loading times for all the activities I load into. Everytime I try loading into crucible or something else it'll take like 5-10 minutes to get in. I'm not sure if it's and internet problem, the PS4 or the tv. However once I'm in the crucible game, everything starts to run perfectly like no lag or anything. Most of the times I have full bars for internet. I've tried finding slolutions for this long loading times but I just can't find any, I looked at my storage space and I've only used up 71 out of 500 gigs. This immense loading time is wasting so much time, so can someone please help me figure out this problem? I hate waiting so long just to play a crucible game. Btw, by the time I load into a crucible game everyone left so I don't even get to shoot or play. Also playing with fire teams seem to slow down the team aswell as they have to wait a long time to load in. PLEASE HELP ME

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