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9/22/2017 4:38:52 PM

Kinetic Häkke Sidearms

I do appreciate that I can use Kinetic Sidearms and having a lot of fun using them. But I do feel like they could use a buff in many ways. Handling speed could use some improvements as well as the reload. The range is fair, but the target acquisition needs slightly more to it. As for recoil and stability, I think is at a good place. This many goes for the Athelflad-D and the Minimum Distance. I've been trying to farm Gunsmith to get the Athelflad, so I can tell how good it is in comparison. Another point I'd like to suggest to the design team, is to add more variants of the Häkke Sidearms in terms of Archtypes. More specifically, I'd like to see a Burst-Fire Sidearm from Häkke as it would be nice to have something a bit more punch. Even if it was an Exotic, I'd still use it. The Rat King looks amazing and I love the way the perks compliments your team, but I do think that if there was another Kinetic sidearm that is unique to enter in a DLC or Update, me as well as others would love to see more variety in Kinetic Sidearms. And mostly because I went on a possible K/D and Efficiently only using a Minimum Distance, Last Dance, and Flash and Thunder. @LukeSmith the double sidearm idea was bliss. Thank you, you wonderful man.

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