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Изменено (Art3mis): 10/24/2017 1:20:47 PM

[PC & PS4] Destiny Community Now Recruiting, Open to everybody. [b]Hello fellow Guardians[/b] I am Art3mis and I have been founder (and member) in this clan since 2014 and I can tell you I am Hyped for D2 On PC. Currently We have a small amount of members who still play on PS4 and may rebound to PC, but for the time being I am looking for active destiny 2 players who are ready to dive in on the blizzard Platform. This Clan is open for both PC/PS4 so no matter what platform you choice to play you will be welcomed to the clan. [u]This is a open community based clan with a few simple rule sets[/u] [i]:This is a open door policy community so if you like to bring up an idea or topic for an activity or anything like that you are more than welcome to do so. :We have a "3 strikes your out" regiment, meaning you will get a warning if you are causing problems within the community or treating your fellow guardians poorly, and on the third issue brought up you will be banned from the community all together. :This Clan is considered a drama free zone, it's understandable that sometimes life gets you down and maybe you lose some friends sometimes during some private matter, it's always ok to talk to a friend or fellow member about these kind of things, but it's best to keep it between a small group and not the whole clan, because that is considered attention seeking and will not stand with the clan. :We also have a strict rule on acts of racism or anything that would be considered offensive, memes and jokes aside, if somebody within the clan has to come to me or another admin and tell me such and such is going on within the group, the case will be reviewed and action will be made. :and finally this is a "no guardian left behind" clan meaning if there is a member who has never been to the raid or needs help with a nightfall it's important to try to reach out to other guardians and lend them a helping hand, and also to have fun playing together.[/i] I will be looking for some guardians who are willing to help admin the clan and I will be Picking them based on responding to the question "what makes a good community?" you can leave a comment down below after joining to give me your best response. I am also a Digital Artist so if you like to make art I would also enjoy to have your company. well that's about it, if you have any questions or anything let me know. other than that.. [b]WELCOME TO ALCHEMIST [/b] UPDATE: Destiny 2 is launching today on PC and we will be more than happy to have you join us, our main PC Group will be playing it all day Today. Please Join our Discord We will also be having some streamer's in the clan who will be streaming it today if you are getting D2 on PC but not on Launch so you are more than welcome to join the Clan anyway. so you soon Guardians. ~Art3mis

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