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Destiny 2

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Изменено (Daddy_Shaxx): 9/20/2017 3:19:53 PM

Shaxx isn't who he says he is....

Hello guardians. I am here today to tell you about our one true lord and savior, (Shaxx the crucible quartermaster.) He is one of power and vigilance, one of virtue and intelligence, he is one of speed and perseverance. He is the one true guardian, he is the strongest wielder of light and he has asked me to recruit for his new clan (Shaxx's Fireteam), he has told me that anyone can join as long as they pledge their allegiance to him and swear by oath that they will never betray him in his time of need. He also ask of you to be there for your fellow guardian when they need help in any activity they are doing, whether it's a raid and the guardian is under leveled or its trials and the guardians aim just isn't up to par with the rest of us, he ask of you to be the best guardian you can be... he ask of you to be his guardian... please help me make him happy so he doesn't crush my ghost and destroy all that is dear to me. Goodbye guardians that's all from me today..

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