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9/20/2017 11:31:31 AM

[PS4] A Clan For The Family Man - Ministry Ov Wise Men Recruiting! [MWM]

[PS4] - Ministry Ov Wise Men Recruiting - [MWM] A new clan for Dads and Husbands over 25 to play and socialize together! Laid back players from all time zones welcome! Lets get that LOOT! [MWM]: +A [PS4] clan for 25+ husbands and dads, who play laid back and leisurely. +A place for veterans and new Guardians to play and socialize. +We are family men first and foremost. +Our goal is to complete all weekly events and help members progress to the Endgame. +Mainly playing GMT/UTC evening times and weekends. +Here to play all activities, without the pressure of competitive gaming. +Catered to laid back family men who understand the occasional background noise of family and when players can't make planned activities or need to leave during playing for personal reasons. +Mics are strongly recommended and to read forums and watch videos to better understand the activities players will do together. +Free speech is protected in the clan, we are grown men. Be cool, share ideas, advice and any good real life events. +Lastly we are here for the LOOT, so do what you can, when you can to help the clan! Have fun and be a Minister Ov Wise Men! +Contact TerrorGrinda (PSN ID)

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