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Leviathan Raid / The Gauntlet Mastery Guide

Hello Guardians! In this post I will be breaking down the winning strategy for mastering the The Gauntlet in the Leviathan Raid. Follow the Steps and Tips, have good communication with your Fireteam, and this section we will be nothing more than a breeze. [b]STEP 1:[/b] Upon arising to the top of the conveyor, you will find yourselves in a massive circular room. There will be 4 large column-like pedestals placed around the room. To activate The Gauntlet just jump on each column and they will then sink into the floor. (each one can be jumped on separately, no need to jump on all at once) [b]TIP:[/b] You're are going to need to predetermine who your 2 Orb Runners and 4 Column Guards are going to be. (more on this later) [b]TIP 2: [/b] The following steps are going to require GOOD COMMUNICATION (so hold off on the small talk) [b]STEP 2:[/b] Once all NPC's are cleared from the room, 4 Centurions will spawn. Once the Centurions are killed , 2 Orbs at opposite ends of the room will spawn. In order to start the second phase of The Gauntlet , all Centurions MUST be killed. [b]TIP:[/b] Orb Runners should split up to the opposite ends of the room PRIOR to the orbs spawning. (this ensures quick pick up without risking wipe) [b]STEP 3:[/b] ORB RUNNERS:::, once inside, will see a RED CIRCLE somewhere in the wall of flaming circles in front of them. DO NOT call out the EXACT location of the red circle. Simply look at which row the RED CIRCLE is in and tell your Column Guards which NEON ARROWS to shoot. Once out of The Gauntlet, run to MIDDLE ELEVATOR and slam Orb. [b]EXAMPLE: [/b] When orb is in the middle row somewhere. [Mark(Orb Runner)"shoot top and bottom arrows!!!"] [b]COLUMN GUARDS[/b]::::, each of you can only shoot ONE ARROW. My suggestion is that you both shoot both arrows that you're told to ensure you've hit it. [b]TIP:[/b] Orb runners are moving in a CLOCKWISE MOMENTUM, this should help with which Column Guards are shooting which arrows. Occasionally there may be a Psion that spawns on the outside where the Column Guards are( be on the lookout and eliminate it then get back to shooting arrows. [b]REPEAT STEP 3 UNTIL[/b] there are only 3 spots left to put orbs in the MIDDLE ELEVATOR. At this point all guardians must meet in the middle room (where orbs are dispensed) and all gaurdians must grab an orb individually. [b]IMPORTANT TIP !!!!![/b] ONLY 3.......I repeat ONLY 3 guardians have to survive this next run through The Gauntlet. I advise 2 of 3 be your previous runners (obviously) and 1 give a crash course to. (before The Gauntlet entirely.) Run back to MIDDLE with you're 3 remaining Orbs and BOOOM .......done ;) Hope this helps! Happy Hunting, [b]Audio---X[/b]

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