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9/18/2017 5:48:49 AM

Imo Hunters got a boned for Destiny2

Before anyone jumps down my throat about it, I'm not asking for a nerf. That's a slippery slope and we all know where it led to for D1. Instead I'm asking for, maybe a buff? Buff the hunters, no one else, and no metas have to get created or broken and no slippery slope needs to start forming. Reasoning: It seems silly to me, especially for PvP, that Hunters get a ROLL, which isn't even that good defensively unless you're right next to a corner and only barely poked your head out. Meanwhile titans and warlocks get far better abilities with better utility. If hunters have to have a roll as their "class ability", fine, so be it. Compared to the titan shield and Warlock rift (especially the healing rift) and how they can also assist ALLIES in need as well, the hunter really did get shortchanged.

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