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9/16/2017 3:36:13 PM


Hi Everyone! Im Sammiie - yes a girl gamer who plays destiny a lot cause its awesome! We've currently got 3 members in our new clan, and were looking to expand and have some fun with other players. We're a community of likeminded people who help out people no matter they're level, we've even ran through the story mode like 5 or 6times with different people to help them get to level 20, so newbies are always welcomed with us! We teach you the things you need to know, give you advice on your build, and if you need any help the we will be sure to give you as much as you need. All we ask is a few things from our members - *mic is not essential - however even if you don't have mic, join our party so you know whats happening. *help out with raids, strikes, and nightfall. *help other members if they need it - just as you've been helped. *mostly just have fun. if the game becomes a chore then its not time for you to play. * our last rule is - we have members who are lesbians - so we ask that you are vigilant and respectful and not rude. If you'd like to join feel free :) Just add XxSammiie24xX on xbox and il get you into our parties and group games!

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