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9/16/2017 3:41:58 AM

Found A Bug In Armors

So I found a glitch where the game will give you, let's say, a pair of Errant Knight leggings but when you equip it it shows something else. My issue with this glitch is that I finally, AFTER SO MANY DAYS OF GRINDING FOR LEGENDARY ENGRAMS, got lucky and completed the Errant Knight set and got the Errant Knight leggings. However what pisses me off about this is the fact that the game decided to show a Dead End Cure set of leggings, that doesn't cosmetically go with the set at all, even known I'm definitely wearing Errant Knight leggings. I even have proof, I took screen shots. What I'm actually wearing: What it's instead showing: I don't even have Dead End Cure in my inventory. I don't understand how the game got these mixed up. As someone who has grinded for bloody ages to finally complete this set. You have to understand that finally getting the last piece of armor only for it to show up as something else physically makes me feel like I just got totally blue-balled out of all my hard work. Bungie plz! ;-;

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