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9/15/2017 4:05:31 AM


[b][/b]WE ARE RECRUITING IMMEDIATELY - JUST CLICK TO APPLY No particular requirements other than being 18 years or older of age, and having the willingness to cooperate with others to become the best possible. - A COMMUNITY FOR ALL - F-19 was created with the mindset of joining Guardians from all over the world, both new and old to the Destiny franchise, in order to achieve the highest possible tiers in our respective categories. Wether it be joining up for Nightfall, or just getting together for a quick Crucible match, F-19 hopes to provide you with all the connections needed so that you can get the best loot, gear, and experience for your individual character, all while also helping out the collective whole. DON'T WAIT A SECOND, APPLY NOW AT THE LINK PROVIDED!

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