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UPDATED Bye Destiny! You let a daily player down.

Disclaimer- this is not an attention seeking post. I post this in hopes that my feedback gets seen and is considered by Bungie, because my opinions are shared. There are people leaving this game. Here are my reasons. I already know I have a 0.0101010101 chance of this post being considered, but it's for the record. End Disclaimer - This is [b]FEEDBACK[/b] for you People that don't know what it is here is the definition: Feedback- helpful information or criticism that is given to someone to say what can be done to improve a performance, product, etc. Here's the reasons why I switched from Destiny to Battlefield 1. I've never been lagging or DDOSing cause of the dedicated servers. Also, with smooth gameplay and true gun skill- it's a game with a skill gap. Btw, they don't nerf anything. To add to this, snipers can be spotted and taken out- yet when a skilled sniper comes along, all credits due. Shotguns in battlefield would make Destiny players cry nerf all the time- oh no, a shotgun that fires at its true range. To add to this, the graphics are amazing- maps are huge for multiple styles of play. And oh -- 38 vs 38! A true war! Destiny lost me after their recent update. They made sure 390-400 will be even more struggle as if there wasn't one already. They capped factions- making patrols, bounties, and strikes useless. Also, the micro transactions are ridiculous. I'm done with Destiny- I'm not getting Destiny 2 considering they will break their promise that "Your guardian will always be with you- 10 year plan" has been scrapped to feed the streamers and PC crowd- ignoring their dedicated players. They want to throw away our 3 years of gaming away. Bungie with Activision has proven money is more important than a quality game. Still no dedicated servers, stupid graphics, and terrible gameplay. To add to this- people get banned so easily for name calling and public shaming of cheaters- BUT OH the cheaters and elitist streamers who love to belittle others don't get any warning. They get to continue, and BUNGIE LISTENS TO THEM because they give free publicity. How cheap. They only listen to streamers! But you can get 400 drops! But where can I get 400 drops outside the raid and doing 5 hours of strikes? Oh and trials bounties drop 390 gear. It's all capped. I believe since they did that, they should also cap crucible drops (as crucible isn't end game except Trials). There's no legit reason to cap vanguard and crucible rep and faction drops at 390. Also the exotics I've farmed recently are decrypting at my light or below, making that stupid -blam!- to grind. Archons forge helped, but only with the ghost and artifact. The ARMOR and weapon drops only go up to 385. I already have good rolls on rep guns I like- so seriously no reason to rank up anything anymore for me- unless they get rid of the cap. Don't get me started with "use LFG to find a raid group" because 1) When I find a group and I don't have the hard mode emblem, I'm kicked. 2) When I make a group, and it doesn't go the way they wanted it (30 minutes or less lol) they quit mid raid and it starts a chain of quitting. So LFG is out of the question for me. Trials? I love it, I just don't wanna sweat like yah forever on the weekend. Destiny ripped 3/4ths of the methods to level up and are forcing us to pay streamers for flawless, pay streamers for DDOS -Credits to UltraNoah (it's a known issue), pay sherpas to help with the raid. Literally no reason to keep a solo player. To add to this, they nerf everything that becomes useful. Btw, my skeleton key drop rate for 1 week now is 1/30 strikes. Exotic drop rate for 1 week now is 1/25 3oC. Not worth my time anymore cause Bungivision wants money and doesn't want us to "make our own destiny." Edit 1: Wow trending. I'm happy I made points we can agree on! Thanks for the support from 90% of you, to the 10% that wants to take a stab at me- do your best. I get really into logical arguments with you. I like to dissect your immaturity word for word. Edit 2: To the people who think that this is still an attention seeking post- well every post in the FEEDBACK forum must be... your logic is flawed. I'm stating my last criticisms before I go. Edit 3 In regards to paying for DDOS In regards to the massive complaints about the DDOS and connection issues In regards to how destiny doesn't care if people leave- think again In regards to not getting my money's worth: Edit (Courtesy of More Cowbell) I should've taken your advice! [quote]Why I didn't purchase RoI and am quitting Destiny soon - My account has 2,000+ hours played, so I have enough experience to offer the opinions below - I’m a pve first player. Destiny’s focus is obviously on pvp. RoI didn’t offer enough new pve content - The sandbox team at Bungie hasn’t figured out how to balance weapons after two+ years - Instead of making gradual adjustments and assessing the results, whenever a weapon is overused, it is nerfed to the point of uselessness - The pvp nerfs are pushed without regard to their effect on pve - Crucible is broken and mostly a miserably frustrating experience due to the matchmaking system, lag, red bar warriors, nerfs, etc. - The rng loot system hooked me, but eventually pushed me away from the game - Rng is weighted per player account. Not all accounts are weighted the same - The loot drops are stuck in cycles on individual player accounts - Smart loot either doesn’t work or doesn’t exist - Let’s be honest, video games are a waste of time. That said, you don’t want to feel like you are wasting your time while playing. The loot system creates this feeling in game - Microtransactions that are subject to rng. Holiday events are pathetic cash grabs - Last, but not least, the developers allowed an entire year pass without fixing the bugged vanguard, crucible and faction package drops. This is inexcusable. The developers either couldn’t figure out the problem or didn’t care to fix it. I don’t want to grind for drops in year three that may not be possible on my account.[/quote] [b][u]NEW FOR D2[/u][/b] Wow this post became relevant again. I have played daily for my break so far.... After the honeymoon phase I am already bored and pissed that Bungie will not listen to their community. Looks Like this guy will go to Anthem. And when I do, I shall delete my characters and uninstall. Thanks bungo.

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