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[Clan] 'Original Garage Gang' is recruiting [All Consoles]

Etiam Infernum! --------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to OGG! We started just as a group of friends straight chilling in a garage playing destiny. But we decided that it's time for our community to grow and what better way to do than than through our favorite game? We love to share positivity and we are open to any members. We love to help out with all of your destiny needs. Always down for anything; raids, trials, crucible you name it! just hit up any of your fellow clanmates whenever you're fixin to play some destiny, we are online at most hours of the day and we try our best to stay active. You'll never find a more friendly and cooperative group of players like us :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements to join: - Must have an overall positive and friendly attitude and be respectful - Be willing to help others achieve their goals in game - Aspire to ascend from awesome to legendary ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to join: First things first, LIKE this post. Liking the post will help the Clan in every way possible. Now that you have liked the post, Follow the below instructions: 1. Go to our clan site and request to become a member by clicking Here: ----------------------------------- We look forward to having you become part of our adventure to Greatness.

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