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Изменено (Colty): 8/30/2017 4:03:27 PM

Optimisation problem

I have been trying to fiddle with the settings to get it to a playable state, but all I got is 22 fps. I have currently set everything on low, 720p, 75% resolution. I don't think it should be that way. Laptop specs: Dell i7 7700HQ GTX 1050ti 8GB DDR4 RAM I have a feeling that the game runs on my integrated gpu, despite me changing the priority to NVidia GPU, setting the game to run with NVidia GPU and starting the game as "Run with NVidia GPU". If I can acess the beta through the .exe in the folder I would be able to run it smoothy. Otherwise I am just making my GPU run Blizzards launcher on high lol. Any fixes ? P.S Updating drivers didn't help at all (talking aboult the newly released Destiny 2 speciffic drivers) P.S.S I changed to Windowed Fullscreen and now I run it on high 60fps

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