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UI Feedback

Some non-gameplay feedback for PC: F1 is labelled as Menu but is actually Character, Esc should be labelled Menu Standardize buttons rather than change them by circumstance - Esc when not in a fire team on the ship screen pulls up game options, but in a fireteam Esc changes to Leave fireteam. the only way to get to Game Settings in a fireteam is to F1 for character screen>click settings Returning to orbit after a match/strike shouldn't cause you to leave the fireteam if you had manually joined via the roster Right-clicking a friend on the roster should pull up the menu, the way all OS's work, rather than their character screen Detect the Blizzard app channel status - if in a channel though that app, disable in game voice chat like Overwatch does Music - only options are on or off. Needs volume setting. i like having the music on, but not as loud as it's forced to be Login screen so the game can be run by the .exe and logged in from there, allowing it to be added to Steam and streamed via Steamlink and controller to work properly - right now adding the blizz app and launching makes the game detect the controller as mouse and keyboard and doesn't work very well Chat text doesn't need to persist forever, this is too invasive and annoying. Needs to fade after some time (usually 60 seconds). new messages should display without bringing full chat, double-hit enter to show chat log

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