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A tale of a Guardian that indulged in the Light, and wanted more. So, he decided to tread lightly within the Darkness, tainting his Light. This rogue Guardian now plans to change everything, by "cleansing" the universe. Day by day, Guardians are reported missing, and the former Guardian's army increases. When all seems lost, a few brave souls can save all they've ever known. Will the Light prevail once more, or will this new threat bend the universe to its will and shape life how it see fits? Note: When you see a [#].1, that's the actual storyline. The sections with [#].0 are basically additional information. Hope you enjoy, because I plan on making around 10 - 20 chapters. I'll also be making edits to this post for every time I add a new chapter. I'll be updating every 1 - 2 days. The latest will be 4 - 7 days. Ch. 1: Ch. 2: Ch. 3: Ch. 4: Ch. 5:

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