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Изменено (Milkie Wilkie): 8/23/2017 8:43:19 AM

Phoenix Protest turned Riot?

Hey guys, think we might just make it through a week with out anything bad ha- Oh, goddamn it! Well, here we go. Hmm, this making me feel like Max but less triggered. So, appearantly, a peaceful protest in Phoenix went south when some police officers were assaulted. The crowd was then tear gassed. I'm not complaining about the cops, they do what they have to. [spoiler]Shout out to the boys in blue[/spoiler] Anyways what gets me going about this is I know what happens after. Tommorow morning, everywhere I look will be about the "violent left." It doesn't matter it said one person did it. It doesn't matter there where only four arrests and no mention of any suspects at large. For bad people. But suddenly, by tommorow, people will have started spreading news of a riot. not a few bad people. A riot that destroyed a town. Sorry for the rant. Really just didn't want to go to bed yet. Also, article mentions it being 107°F in Pheonix, so if you live there, hope you're staying cool. Edit - Grammar/Spelling Error.
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