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8/12/2017 3:30:10 AM

Destiny 2 is coming. So why not get some friends to play with. Destiny 2 is less than a month away and we as a player know playing through a brand new game is difficult. Or maybe you do know how to play destiny and you're looking for a group of people who will help do raids or strikes with you. [b]Well it time you look no further[/b] Our Clan is brand new and we need some more members so we can set up raids and you find someone to do strikes or story missions with. We as the admins know that gaming is more fun when you are playing with friends. As we can offer you to make new friends to play with. And it doesn't just have to be with the admins it can be with other members. [b]Still not convinced?[/b] Our admins have great senses of humor and we want our members to share that when you play with some of our other members. All we ask is don't be annoying be respectful to the admins and other members. Because who knows they might be in the same boat you're in. [b]So what else[/b] What more do I need to say to convince you to join? You read this far so come one and join our clan click [url][/url] join the group and request to join the clan.

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