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What's the opinion of FanFic and Eyes Up description.

Would fan fiction be acceptable here? This is the only place I can think to put it on the Bungie forums. Here's a description: [quote][i]Eyes Up[/i] is a story of a stubborn, human girl who is resurrected as a Guardian (a powerful warrior who fights for the Traveler and uses its power to accomplish fantastic feats) somewhere in the mysterious European Dead Zone. She will go on a variety of adventures, that will lead up all the way to the siege of the Last City by the Cabal.[/quote] I do not think I will finish by the release of D2, so more D1 era stuff would still be coming out after its launch. Then I would plan to go into a sequel seires of sort, right after the original concludes. There would be no overall tone. A lot of darker ideas, although I want to throw some quirky adventures in as well, an though these would only be one offs, and might even be under a seperate tag. Anyways, would love to get an idea of interest, but mostly just if this would be an acceptable place for it. [b]Edit:[/b] Found out about the #Community sub-forum. If you're interested in reading, just use the tag #Eyesup. The first story will be up sometime tomorrow.

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