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8/8/2017 2:06:30 PM

This year has been great for movies!

Between Baby Driver, Dunkirk, Kong: Skull Island, and the great superhero films that released this year, it's been a fantastic year for film. [spoiler]Unfortunately we also had the Emoji Movie but hey you can't win 'em all.[/spoiler] [b]So here's my question for Offtopic:[/b] [i]what's been your favorite movie that released this year?[/i] Also, here's a shameless plug: the man, the myth, the legend Charlemagne started a group called the [url=]Septagon Media Club[/url]. We talk about movies, shows, and everything media related! If talking about movies and shows sounds fun to you, why don't you give us a join? No requests required, just hit us up and join the discussion. To join, click the link above or [url=]here[/url].

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