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Revival, Chapter 1: An Eyes Up Story.

To save questions, I plan to make [i]Eyes Up[/i] into a living, breathing world. It will be added onto with different stories, all centered around the guardian, the main character of this story, and her friends. [i]Revival[/i], Chapter 1: An [i]Eyes Up[i] Story By Zachary “Wilkie” Wilkinson [b]GHUAAAHHH![/b] I awakened from the darkness of a long slumber with not an ounce of air in my lungs. It was as if the air had escaped me and it was returning for the first time in centuries. I'm lying on the ground, somewhere in what looks like the ally of a city. No, this isn't a city, not anymore. Nature has reclaimed this concrete jungle for itself. Vines hang down from every building, grass is sprouting from the infinite number of cracks in the pavement. I raise up my hands and examine them, realizing I'm wearing gloves and a full body suit to match. Something about my left arm seems weird, but I put it in the back of my head and decide to prioritize figuring out where I am. I struggle getting up from the street floor in my groggy state. I finally stand and somewhat regain my sense of balance when suddenly I hear a voice. “What?! Who the Hell’s there!” I half scream, searching for the invisible voice. “Shh, shh,shh!” the voice hushed, somewhat aggressively. “We can't let them find us.” I am able to take his voice in this time. He sounds like he could be in his twenties. He sounds polite and proper, that is if a person is able to sound like those things. His voice is deep, but not overly so. He sounds like the average man. But there's something off. What is it. He interrupts my thoughts when he speaks again, saying “And i had asked, ‘Are you okay, Guardian.’” “Who are you?” I whisper, wanting to stay quiet now that I've been warned. Still trying to locate the voice, I add, completely clueless, “Where are you?” As it appeared, I leaped back, falling back down on the pavement of the dark ally. It's not till the voice reminds me to be quiet that I even realize I’m screaming. It was probably the loudest I’ve ever screamed. “What the Hell is that?!” “Well,” the the voice spoke, “I’m a Ghost. Actually, I’m your Ghost.” “Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.” I can't find my words. “Y- y- you’re that, that, thing?” “Well, I prefer AI. But if you’re referring to the spiky, white, and insanely smart robot floating in front of you, yes. I am that spiky, white, insanely smart robot.” “I don’t understand, how did I get here. I can't remember any-” A loud, bloodcurdling, howl sweeps across the mysterious city. No, not a howl. Something. Something otherworldly. “We need to move. I’ll explain later. Put out your hands.” As I do so, a helmet appears, and falls directly into my arms. “I know this is all so confusing, but please just trust me.” I must have looked skeptically, which I was, because he continues. “You could die out here, I don't want that to happen, not yet. Please . . .” I give in and do as he says. A map of some sort appears in the top left corner of the face of the helmet. It’s almost completely red. “What’s this grey diamond on the mappy, thing.” “‘Mappy thing?!’ ‘MAPPY THING?!’ For the love of the Traveler what did I do? Its called a radar!” He said, obviously angry “Sorry,” I responded sheepishly. Regaining his composure, he says, “The diamond marker is a ship I found. Still has a hyperdrive and everything.” “Ship, what kinda? A jump ship, cargo ship? Is it for terrestrial or extraterrestrial travel? What shape is it in? Is it-” “Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's a jump ship. I should be able to achieve extraterrestrial travel. And I have no idea what shape it's in, I only scanned the area for a ship. It seems to be in a repair shop. We should get moving. I run out of the alley, following Ghost, and I instantly freeze. Images of the monsters in front of me are flooding my mind. These creature, these scavengers, were capable of terrible things. But I can’t remember what. “Fallen! Quick, take cover!” Ghost barks as the monsters turn and begin firing on us with their weapons. I dive behind a large dumpster as the lasers fly past me. The Ghost emits a green light from its single eye, and starts to spin around. “Whatever the Hell you’re doing, do it faster!” I screamed. “I’m scanning for a weapon. See that door, kick it in.” Ghost says as he disappears again. I do as he says, surprising myself with my own strength. I’m in a kitchen. “Now what?” “Go straight” he responds. I again comply. “See the door behind that couch? Its unlocked, head in. Now the nightstand on the left side of the bed. Check the draws.” In the second draw down, I find a simple pistol and two magazines with ammo. Before the Ghost can say anything, I rush out of the house and shoot the two smaller, red and blue creatures in the head. Then, I destroy the red robots that were flying next to them. Then the last one. A human sized, white and red specimen. He seems to be leading the patrol. When I see him, I almost instinctually move my hand as if overhand throwing a baseball. But instead of a baseball, out of my hand flew a ball of fiery energy. It hit the ground just in front of the monster and then separated into smaller orbs, which began to aggressively track him. He was confused and rapidly switched his gaze from one orb to the other. The orbs began to hit the creature at an astounding rate, causing a small explosion with each impact. “What the Hell?!” I found myself screaming for the fourth time in an hour. “That was an ability you gain from the Light. You should find that they come as an instinct to use. At Least, most of the time.” “‘Gain from the Light,’ what does that m-” the crack of the sniper's rifle stopped everything suddenly I fell to my knees. And then onto the ground. And then, the darkness came back. [b]GHUAAAHHH![/b] Life reentered me, and suddenly I was behind the dumpster again. “Eyes up Guardian, it's another squad,” Ghost said, almost panicking. “What . . . How . . .” I tried to ask as I check my chest for a wound. “I told you, I'll explain when we're safe. Right now, we are the opposite of safe.” He said, sounding almost angry in his tone. “I managed to link your pistol to your helmet display, see it?”He asked, now calmer. “Got it, what are these other bars for?” “Your abilities. You need to let your power build up in order to use them. Now take out that patrol!” I looked over my cover and was able to shoot down the robots. Then, I vaulted over the dumpster and leaped into the air. And then without even questioning it, in midair, jumped again. And then a third time. I came down on the leader, latching onto his back. I then proceeded to shoot both of his companions in the head. Next, I aimed the pistol directly down. Then, I pulled the trigger. A terrifying scream confirmed each kill. We made our way into the repair shop. I dispatched of the patrol crew there as well. Then, something new, and big, came out of the shadows “What is he?!” I ask, purely frightened by the monstrosity that stood before me. “There captain or something?” “No, not a Captain,” Ghost answered. “A Baron!” At that exact moment, the beast turned to us and let out a giant screech. “Quick, use your super!” Ghost urged as I jumped behind a crate. “Just think and it will happen!” I thought. I thought of suffering. I thought of death. But I didn't know who's. All I knew was that it was at these Fallen’s hands. And with that thought, came a spark. And that spark became a flame. And then, a weapon. Suddenly a gun as golden as the sun came into my hands. I shot once at his left shoulder, leaving a smoldering hole in its place. Then again on the right. And finally, the third shot hits him directly in center mass, sending his body flying as it disintegrates. “Well that was easier then you made it out to be.” “Oh. Well then. I’ll get the ship ready. You try and get it released from the lock, I'll check if it's ready to go.” “Locks done.” “Wow, that was really, really fast.” Ghost said surprised. “Didn't expect that speed from a human.” “Hey!” I said, offended more for the rest of my species then myself. “It's true!” He responded. “Okay, everything's set. Transmitting you in.” “Transmitting? Does that mean you're going to-” I was cut short when Ghost did exactly what I expected and teleported me into the ship. “You know how to fly this thing?” “I think so,” feeling a essence of muscle memory. The engines powered up, jolting the entire ship. The ship hovered, and then on my command, rose up out of the gate in the roof, made for this exact purpose. “Go to these coordinates.” Ghost said “I . . . We, can explain everything there. “What's here that's so important?” I asked, not understanding why we had to be in a specific place for an explanation. “The last safe city on planet Earth.” [i][b]TO BE CONTINUED[/b][/i] If you're interested up with the story, keep an eye on the #EyesUp tag. [b]EDIT:[/b] No idea why it's all italicized.

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