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So my city is being sued by the ACLU . . . Again

Okay, so, yeah. Not a lie, this is happening. I my city passed a traffic ordinance a little over a year ago that would prevent panhandling on medians (for people who are younger and/or don't drive, the concrete sidewalk like area in the middle of some larger roads). This restriction applied to EVERYONE. However, it did affect the homeless people who would stand there and ask for money, which I'm sure most people are familiar with. The ACLU said this would infrindge on their free speech. Eventually they settled and the ordinance was reversed. More recently, another extremely similar ordinance was passed. The ACLU again sued, a spokesperson for them saying saying that it "criminalized it [poverty]." However, the mayor released a statement saying that it is a traffic safety law, not a restriction on speech. Full article is linked. What do you think? [spoiler]I obviously side with my city.[/spoiler] Edit: Figuring out link cause I'm stupid. Full Ordinance:
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