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8/1/2017 5:03:26 PM

Its good to have goals

I wanted to share a quick note about how satisfying it was to grind to 5000+ grimoire for the emblem in D2. I played Destiny from beta and launch, but took a long break after TTK and recently came back. I had right around 4000 grimoire score as of 1 week ago. When I found out about the emblem for 5000+, I decided that this would become my goal and was able to bump over 5000 yesterday afternoon before the deadline. There was a lot of new content since I came back to the game, so I was running all over the place collecting things and entering activities that I normally would not have. Surprisingly, just having this goal in a week timeframe was really energizing and I greatly enjoyed the process, even with some of the crappy jumping puzzles for some of the fragments. Some of the interesting activities: - Zoning into all the crucible maps I hadn't seen for those cards as well as all the ghosts hidden in those zones - Zoning into VoG and WoM for the card you get when it first loads, even if you don't down anything. - Got a noob team to zone into ToO for the Elimination and ToO cards,. As a result, playing ToO for the first time was eye opening. I am not great at PvP, but ToO was a whole new level of opponents. - Paradox mission secret ghosts -> epic storyline -> hate the jumping stuff in the early part - Killed about 140ish hydras and 40ish colossus in one sitting of a few hours - Sidearm/fusion rifle/machine gun kills -> this was a great opportunity to learn that I probably will never use sidearms again and that I love fusion rifles. People always said that FR were OP, but I never really got the weapon type. Now I just love the Thesan FR and how it can kill multiple smalls or single medium mobs from across the map in one shot. - Scent of worm chest I gave up on a year ago, but was able to get it surprisingly fast this time around. Was very satisfying and that one was worth 15 grim points on its own. Anyways, I realized sometimes, the end result doesn't matter as much as the journey and mapping out the path to achieve it. Having the goal/deadline made it that much more satisfying. All this said, I looked at the emblem preview and it looks pretty blah to me. At least the journey was fun.

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