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7/21/2017 4:53:06 PM

A Destiny 2 exotic weapon idea I've worked on for 6 months.

Exotic Hand cannon Slowest RoF archetype. Balanced stability. Good range. Magazine: 9 Name: The Head Predator. Lore: "Keep your eyes on the prize.." -Unknown Lost Guardian. Main perk: (Perfection): This weapon gains extra range and accuracy and aim assist after landing a precision shot, the perk remains active until the player reloads. (Stacks up to 5 times). "3% for each precision hit" ,and precision hit shots are returned to the magazine after killing that target. Other Main Perk: (Cheap Shot): The final round have a chance to return to the magazine if missed. "25% Chance". Other perks: Triple Tap - Final Round Speed Reload - Perfect Balance - Hammerforged Sights: Truesight IS - QuickDraw IS - Steadyhand IS (All sights are green instead of red) Look: "Last word skin" All matte dark grey and edged with green light that "lights up when the exotic perks and triple tap and when final round activates" and there is some markings (5 lights showing how many precision hits landed) lights up in green the markings are visible when aiming the weapon. (Like the ammo count for auto rifles) it also has parallel 3 small pipes representing a snake body at 30 degrees on the sides filled with green liquid and a snake with an open mouth carve on both sides pointing to the barrel of the gun (the snake carve is also edged with green lights even the snake eyes which also lights up but in red when the perks are activated). Sound: it sounds like The Last Word but with a little bit more bass. When the exotic perks are activated in addition to the green light there is a snake hiss noise. Animations: When shooting it looks like the last word animation because it's flawless. But when reloading the 3 parallel green pipes come off the left side and reload it as you normally should but the chamber is a flipped triangle with a pulse of dimmed green light inside. I hope you like my weapon idea because I worked hard on it.. and I hope it comes to Destiny 2 that will make my year as a guardian. Thank you!

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