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The Hidden: Ch. 3

Eris Morn 3.0 These Taken are like nothing I've ever faced. They are significantly difficult from the normal Taken. The Taken I knew brought with them the Darkness in its material form. These ones only bring Light - tainted Light. They are not bound to the Traveler; they are immune to the Darkness; they are somewhere in between. The powers of the Light and Darkness are unable to distinguish them, and are hidden from both. I can hear him, faintly. A familiar voice. He whispers in my mind. "No. These are not Taken. They are former slaves of the Traveler. Open minds that seek knowledge, power, and leadership. I can provide all of these. We no longer know pain, hunger, or suffering. I have used the Traveler's 'gift' for the good of humanity. The Traveler has done, and continues to do nothing with its remaining power! A power that should be ours to share and spread across many worlds, solar systems, galaxies, and soon after that, the Universe! Come, Eris Morn. I can free you of your burden. You finally have the chance to see the Light once more. You do not have to be trapped in the dark anymore." I am tempted. But I shall not abandon my allies, my home, my identity. And I see better than I ever did with my own eyes. "Your identity was lost in the pit. When you faced, Crota, who I slew for you, you barely escaped with your life, but had lost yourself. I can give it back to you; the life that Crota took." I cannot. I have a duty to these people. I have made my mark on the members of The Tower, which we shall reclaim The voice leaves me.

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