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7/20/2017 12:11:48 PM

My feedback pertaining to tge Destiny 2 Beta PvP

I love the new PvP! I find it very fun actually, which is something I didn't expect as a predominantly solo queue player. That being said, it's not perfect. PvP has definitely been changed in a way to focus on teamwork, which is fine. However, people who are not in a fireteam can not always work well with each other. And the explaination can not be, "Oh, well then, hope in a party with them." I just want to play that match with them. I understand that you will not be adding a Free-for-all type gamemode at luanch of D2, but you should consider adding it back. It is honestly a solo player's dream. Or at least this solo player's dream. Also, a solo queue version of a few gamemodes, like the modes that used to cycle through once and a while before the playlists were condensed, might be worth considering. All in all, I'm loving the beta, but from what I've seen and heard, D2 may be ditching the solo players to go for a more teamplay experience. I understand a solo player experience is not one that you picture destiny having, you have even made a sort of in-game LFG for PvE content, but you have attracted this audience, so now if you do not want to loss them, you must cater to them as much as you do to the people with a team.
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