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Изменено (Ronstantinople): 7/19/2017 6:59:11 PM

In-Game Voice Chat Audio Quality Still Poor on PS4 (D2 Beta)

In D1, it became the norm to use PS4 parties to communicate with friends/fireteam. Why? Because the in-game voice chat made everyone sound distorted/muffled. At first, I thought it was the headset I used, but there's a significant change in audio quality when you go from in-game voice chat to PS4 party chat. I am super disappointed that this wasn't fixed for Destiny 2. Yes, I know it's a beta, but this feels less like a bug and more like they didn't care to improve it for D2. I took almost a year long break from D1 when Overwatch came out. I never touched the PS4 party function once to communicate with teammates. I actively avoided it actually. If I was in a PS4 party with 3 friends, we wouldn't be able to communicate with our teammates outside of the PS4 party. We **needed** to communicate to win! And Overwatch's in-game voice chat was great! Everyone sounded crystal clear and OW has a neat feature where someone's hero icon and name pops up in a corner of your screen when they're talking. It was super helpful to locate a teammate in danger after they ask for assistance or just to know who's [b]actually speaking[/b] at the moment. I would love if this was implemented in D2. The game is going to need it for competitive PVP too, especially for solo players! Even if you can't do the voice indicators in the corner of the HUD, at least fix the audio quality for in-game chat. I felt so bad playing Countdown, a very tactical/strategic gametype that needs coordination and communication, last night with 2 clanmates and seeing our 4th teammate enter teamchat. Obviously, we could have left party chat to speak to them, but if we could barely understand anyone due to poor audio quality, what's the point?

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