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7/18/2017 10:10:40 PM

Titan Class Skill

First, I'm loving this beta and feel myself getting so pumped for September. But... The Titan Class Skill, you know, that shield. Something feels unbalanced with the small version of it. You see, it reloads the gun you have armed when you take cover behind it. But if I press R3,R3, I get down and up immediately again, it is just an instant reload. Combine this with the Titan Auto Rifle Exotic for this beta and that baby keeps spinning on max. rev. without a single reload! It feels unbalanced to me, because I already have cover on my lower half of my body, but I can fire indefinitely too?! That is, if your R3,R3 is timed right and you still have bullets left in your reserve. What could make this more balanced, I do not know from the top of my head. A cooldown of some sort, like with the warlock air-dodge, would not balance the aformentioned Exotic. It would make the ability useless for all other weapons in my opinion. An option could be to give that deployable cove 2 or 3 charges for that reload ability. Thank you for your time reading this Guardian! Now get back in the fight!

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