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The Hidden: Ch. 2

An Unknown Guardian's Log 2.0 Days grew into months as the Guardians and the remaining survivors adjusted to their new home, The Iron Temple. Many of the civilians mourned for their loved ones that have died at The Tower from an attack from the Taken. The Guardians grew slightly weaker each day away from the Traveler. The Traveler's dying light was a sign that something was happening to it, and it needed their help. The Speaker informs us on all channels about our incoming mission. Ikora, Zavala, and Cayde are making battle plans as I speak. Eris keeps informing us with cryptic message about a familiar presence with these "purple Taken."Shaxx continues to train the young Guardians, and hopes that they make progress fast. Saladin and Shiro have trouble agreeing on the appropriate way to handle the threat. Even with Eris's negative comments about how we are assessing this threat, I'm definitely sure that what ever the Vanguard is planning will work. Then, not only will we take back the Traveler and the Tower, but we will also know whether or not that our new enemy can be defeated or not.

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