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The Journey Home, Part Thirty-Four: Down Came the Rain

Greetings, Guardians, and welcome to part thirty-four of the Journey Home! Part thirty-five, the final part, will go up this Friday at around five-thirty. The Journey Home is Almost Complete. In any case, if you liked it, give it a bump, and tell me what you think down below. Here's [url=]part thirty-three [/url]if you missed it, or, if you're looking for a different part, here's the[url=] table of contents![/url] Stay classy, Guardians! Alesha ran forwards. The Guardian had told her to go back to the City, but she couldn’t leave Aunt Beatrice, Matthias, and Erling all alone! They needed her help!”
 She almost ran into another Guardian - one of the hunters. The hunter turned towards her. “Go to the City,” she said, “we’ll take it from -“ Suddenly, she paused. “I know you,” she said. “You’re from that group of Villagers that Erling found!” Alesha blinked. “Johanna?” The hunter took off her helmet, and smiled. “In the flesh,” she said. Suddenly, her smile faded. “Where’s Erling?” Alesha felt her heart skip a beat. “He got into a fight with a big Captain,” she said. “He died, but then he was back, and he was fighting, and he told me to run, and -“ Johanna put a hand on Alesha’s shoulder, and kneeled down. “Where?” she asked calmly. Alesha hesitated for a moment, and then pointed. “This way!” The two ran off to find the fallen Guardian. They found the battlefield a moment later. The bodies of the Fallen covered the ground. And in the middle was Erling, facedown in the dirt. Johanna ran up to him, and felt his neck. Alesha shivered. “Is he - is he -“ “Dead?” Erling asked. He groaned. “Not. Quite. Yet.” Alesha gave a slight smile. Johanna looked relieved. “You okay?” “Both of his arms are broken,” his ghost said, appearing in the air. “If it’s alright with you, I’d like to repair them.” “Please do,” Erling groaned. The ghost cast his beam of blue light down on Erling. Suddenly, Alesha remembered something else. “Aunt Bea!” she shouted. She ran over to where her aunt had fallen. Her face had grown pale, her lips and turned a shade of purple, and a large amount of blood was caked onto her chest. “Aunt Bea!” she shouted. “Wake up!” Aunt Beatrice didn’t move. Johanna ran up to her. She looked down at Aunt Beatrice’s unmoving body, and tapped the side of the her helmet. “I need FOTC medics on my position. Now!” She kneeled down next to Alesha. Alesha looked up suddenly. Matthias was lying slumped against a tree, exactly where he’d fallen. Suddenly, a man and woman in beige uniforms came rushing towards them. The man carried a rifle, while the woman carried a large box with a red cross on it, and had a pistol strapped to her waist. “What happened?” asked the man. Johanna pointed at Beatrice’s body. Both of them immediately knelt down next to her. The woman opened the box, while the man pressed his fingers against Beatrice’s neck. He nodded. “We’ve got a pulse,” he said. “It’s weak, but it’s there.” “She’s lost a lot of blood,” the woman said. “I’ll get the plasma ready, you bandage the wound.” “Right.” The duo worked with an air of professionalism, never once pausing in their task. “Will. . . will she be alright?” Alesha asked. “I’ve seen worse,” the man replied. “We’ll have her all fixed up, don’t you worry,” the woman said. Alesha looked back at Matthias. “What about my friend?” she asked. She pointed. The woman made her way over to him. “What happened?” she asked. “He got hit against the tree,” Alesha said. The woman his felt Matthias’s back, and shined a light into his eye. “I think he broke a rib,” she said. “And he’s got a pretty good size lump on the back of his head. He’ll have a killer headache and a nasty concussion when he wakes up, but he’ll live.” Alesha nodded. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. It’s over, she thought. It’s finally over. Suddenly, she felt something splash against her arm. Alesha looked down on it, confused. Then, a drop of water splashed on her leg. Alesha looked up, and watched as it began to rain. The weeks of accumulated dirt and grime slowly washed off of her body, and the dried blood came off of her face. Suddenly, she noticed that Erling was standing over her. He extended his hand. She took it, and he pulled her up. “Is it over?” she asked. “Is it done?” Erling nodded with a smile. He turned towards the City. “Welcome home, Alesha,” he said. Tyksis watched as the rain began to put out the fires in the Valley below. He’d just received word from the Kells that the attack on the City was over - the Guardians had pushed them back after the House of Wolves had refused to send the promised reinforcements - a fact which they would pay dearly for. Of Tyksis’s own regiment, few remained. A hundred or so devils had come out of the valley, and a little less than two dozen kings and returned. Tyksis snorted. He still had most of the the walkers, thankfully. But it would take time to turn them all around, as the canyon was so narrow. “Get the Walkers turned around!” he shouted. “We’re moving out!” The two king walkers responded, and began the difficult task of trying to turn around in the narrow space. However, the seven Devil Walkers remained in place. “I said, move out!” “They refuse to follow an incompetent commander, Baron,” someone said. A female Vandal in King colors stepped forwards. Tyksis blinked, suprised at the brazenness of the insult. However, he quickly regained his composure. “What is your name, dreg?” he asked. “I am a Vandal,” the Devil responded, “and my name is Kelis.” “I call you a, because with that insult, you have earned yourself a docking, Kelis,” he said. “Now submit yourself to my custody - before I simply kill you myself.” Kelis hissed. “The Devils take no orders from Kings,” she said. “Especially not those from those who damn us all for the sake of a Vendetta!” “You would accuse me of a Vendetta?” Tyksis growled. “I accuse and judge you guilty!” Kelis snarled. “You led the Eliksni on a mad hunt for revenge, when we could have been fighting with our brothers and sisters! Because of you, we have failed to reclaim the Great Machine!” She turned towards the other Devils. “The Kings have failed us once again!” The Devils murmured in agreement. Tyksis felt his blood begin to boil. “Listen here, Devil -“ he began. Suddenly, Kelis whirled around, and pointed a wire rifle at him. And then he knew no more. Kelis watched with satisfaction as Tyksis’s body fell to the ground, a single hole between his eyes. For a moment, both the Devils and Kings simply stared, slack-jawed. Then, the Kings howled in rage. One of them, a dreg, looked up at her, his face contorted with fury. “You killed the Baron!” he shouted. Kelis looked down at the body. “Yes,” she said. “I suppose I did.” The dreg was shaking with rage. “You will not get away with this!” he shouted. “The other Kings will hear of this! They will destroy you! You and all your paltry house!” “Oh, I doubt it,” Kelis said. “Devils? Fire!” The other Devils took a moment to respond. Then, they raised their weapons, and let loose on the already devastated Kings. The Devil Walkers target and fired on the King walkers, which were still struggling to turn around. In mere seconds, it was over, and every King lay dead on the battlefield. Kelis looked around. As best she could tell, none of the Devil Captains had survived the assault. All of their leadership had been destroyed - including Piksis, whom the other Devils said had been killed by Tyksis himself. She looked down at Tyksis’s body, and kneeled next to his head. “Today,” she hissed, “I avenge my own nest-mate.” She pictured Piksis, dying at the hands of her own artillery. Rest now, sister. Rest. One of the other Vandals approached her. “What do we do now, Captain?” he asked. Kelis paused, and then gave a wolfish grin. Captain, eh? she thought. I like the sound of that. She turned towards him. “Turn the Walkers around,” she said. “We make for the Cosmodrome.” [url=]Part Thirty-Five: Home[/url]

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