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The Journey Home, Part Thirty-Two: Flashbacks

Greetings, Guardians, here's part Thirty-Two of the Journey Home! Here's[url=] part Thirty-One[/url] if you missed it, or, if you're looking for a different part, here's the[url=] table of contents! [/url]As usual, if you like it, give it a bump, and I'll get more out soon! Stay classy, Guardians! Alesha froze, staring at the oncoming dreg. Matthias fumbled with his weapon, but the dreg ran up to him, and knocked him into a nearby tree. Matthias slumped down, and did not rise. Alesha started at the dreg. It stared back at her. It raised one hand above it’s head, and prepared to bring the shock dagger down on her neck. . . Suddenly, a force slammed into the dreg, and sent it sprawling. As it sat up, Erling - for Erling had been the mysterious force - pointed his hand cannon at it’s face in fired. [i] Her father ran into the room, grabbed the monster by its shoulders, and slammed it agains the wall. Dazed, the dreg simply stood there. Her Father grabbed her arm. “Let’s go, Alesha,” he said, his blue eyes grim. Suddenly, the monster swung at him with its dagger, and he just barely ducked out of the way.[/i] Erling ducked a bolt from a wire rifle, and fired twice. Taking careful aim, he fired his cannon into the forest, each loud bang signifying a kill shot. Alesha was dimly aware of the battle raging around them - she could hear the other villagers, rushing to their rescue. But she only had eyes for Erling and his cannon. Moving quickly and efficiently, the titan ejected the magazine from his cannon, and shoved a new one into the cylinder. Then, he shoved the cylinder back into the weapon, and continued to fire. A Vandal rushed him when he ran out of ammo again, but Erling quickly pulled his shotgun, and blasted a fist-sized hole in its chest. Not bothering to properly aim, he held the weapon at his waist, and blasted away at the encroaching Fallen. Suddenly, the Fallen stopped firing. More accurately, they stopped firing at Erling. Alesha could hear weapons-fire throughout the forest. But some of the Fallen had formed a ring around them, measuring about ten meters in diameter. Erling looked around, confused. Suddenly, the circle parted, and a Captain stepped into the circle. His armor was colored gold, and the logo of the house of kings was emblazoned proudly on his back. Erling pointed his shotgun at the Captain, but instead of firing, it clicked empty. The Captain stared at him, his cold blue eyes burning like fire. Tyksis stared at the Guardian - the thing that had killed his nest-mate. He growled, and clicked his teeth. He looked around at his soldiers - Kings and Devils all. “The Guardian is mine!” he shouted. “Do not interfere!” The Eliksni showed no response. Tyksis grunted, and dropped the wire rifle. He produced four shock blades from his belt. This Guardian would feel the full force of his wrath. Alesha watched as the Captain bellowed, and charged Erling, shock daggers in hand. Erling dropped his shotgun, and bellowed, meeting the Captain mid-air. [i] Her father grappled with the monster, their arms locked. The monster tried to push its daggers into his face, but her father’s grip held firm. [/i] Erling grabbed two of the Captain’s arms, but it was able to swing the other two with ease. Erling twisted mid-air, narrowly avoiding the Captain’s daggers. Then, he kicked the Captain in the chest, and managed to wrestle one of the daggers away from him. The two combatants disengaged, and stared at each other. Erling held the shock-blade steady, crouching in a fighting stance. The Captain threw one of the daggers from his lower right arm up into the air, and caught it with his upper right arm. Roaring, he charged again. Erling fended off a stab from the Captain, parrying the blow. With his free hand, he grabbed one of the Captain’s arms, and, with a quick movement, snapped it. The Captain danced backwards, bellowing with pain. Erling used the opportunity to leap forwards. . . . . . and stab the Captain in the midsection. Erling jumped backwards, leaving the knife embedded in the body. The Captain fell to the ground. The Titan nodded with satisfaction. [i]Her father slammed the monster against the wall. Blood leaked from the back of its skull, and it slid down to the ground. Her father took a few deep breaths. He walked up to Alesha. “Don’t cry,” he said. She stopped sniffling for a minute. Her father picked her up. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ve got you now.” He began walking towards the doorway. Suddenly, he let out a cry of pain, and both father and daughter fell to the floor. Alesha cried out in pain, but when she looked up, she screamed in terror. The monster was standing over them, holding one of its daggers in its right hand - the other was embedded in her father’s back. [/i] “LOOK OUT!” Alesha suddenly shouted. Erling turned towards her. But as he moved, the Captain reached up, and stabbed at Erling. His shields flared against the dagger momentarily, and failed. The dagger continued its journey, plunging into the back of Erling’s leg, and bursting out just beneath the kneecap. Erling shouted with pain, as blood spurted forth from the ruined armor. The Captain pushed forwards again, and Erling fell to his knees as the point of the dagger embedded itself in the ground. The Captain stood up, and, with a grunt, pulled the dagger out of its midsection. Then, it turned its cold, blue, soulless eyes to Alesha. Tyksis ignored the pain in his midsection. He would deal with the wound later. What mattered now was the Guardian. He fixed his eyes on the human whelp that had suddenly spoken out, and an idea came to his mind. He looked at the Guardian, and quickly yanked its helmet off. The Guardian, underneath its armor, was a flesh-and-blood being. His head was hairless, though reddish hair germinated from the bottom of its jaw. He held one of his shock daggers to the Guardian’s throat. “So you are the one who has caused my people so much death,” he said. The Guardian did not respond. Tyksis wondered if the strange little orb that Guardians carried with them was somewhere, translating for him. “Today, the Eliksni reclaim our destiny,” Tyksis said. “In spite of you meddling curs. But first. . . I would like to demonstrate something for you.” He looked at one of the Vandals. “Grab it,” he said, gesturing towards the whelp. The Vandal immediately ran forwards, and grabbed the youngling by its shoulders. “Take out your blade,” Tyksis said. The Vandal held his shock dagger high. The Guardian’s eyes widened, and he began to shout, but Tyksis pressed the blade closer to his throat. “This is the fate that awaits all your kind,” Tyksis growled. “The fate that all enemies of the Eliksni shall suffer!” He lowered his voice. “To long have the Eliksni watched our children starve as the ether reserves dwindle. It is time that you knew at least a part of our pain.” He nodded to the Vandal, who raised his dagger above his head, and prepared to deliver the death blow to the youngling. [url=]Part Thirty-Three: Reinforcements[/url]

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