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Изменено (Tor_Kallon): 6/30/2017 7:31:19 PM

Charlemagne, Warmind of Discord, adds !loadout, more !trials

Just in time for the [url=]100th weekend of Trials[/url], we have added a significant number of new commands to [url=]Charlemagne[/url]. [b]Trials.Report Based Commands:[/b] - !trials maps: will show you the callout map for this week - !trials weekly: will show you detailed stats for just this week of trials, including weapon stats - !trials team: will show detailed stats on your most recent fireteam (for Trials) - !trials teammates: show you the guardians you have played with the most in Trials - !trials rivals: to see guardians youv'e faced off against over and over [b]Loadout Commands, to show off your gear![/b] - !loadout: to see your overall loadout, all slots - !loadout primary: to see detail information about your primary weapon - !loadout special, heavy: same as above - this will work for any slot, including helmet, shader, ghost, etc We hope you enjoy the commands, and good luck getting to 100 games in Trials this weekend! If you want to see Charlemagne in action and aren't already on a Discord server, drop by our server:[url=] click here.[/url] (Charlemagne is a Discord bot for Destiny clans, and the creation of two guardians, @Tor_Kallon and @waterpolotrev67)

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