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6/29/2017 2:10:28 AM

Still not registering achievements. What am I missing??

With Destiny 1 progress basically locking down on August 1, I'd really like to get my achievements in order. I only have 8 left locked, BUT 3 of them shouldn't be. I've checked the FAQ, logged out/in, waited (and waited), re-done the achievement, etc. Still nothing. The ones that refuse to register are: 1. Raid as a clan -- I've completed FOUR (4) raids with my full clan of 6 over the past couple of weeks, including one straight through (no checkpoints/orbit). Two King's Fall, a Crota and a Wrath. Other clan members received their achievements. 2. King's Fall -- We've done it TWICE and I still have nothing. Again, other clan members got their achievements for this. 3. The Old Hunger -- Not only did I get the Antiquated Rune from the end of it, I earned the Touch of Malice. What else can I do? The advice to "re-run the achievement" may be fine for a raid (though ineffective for King's Fall and clan raiding), but how do I re-run a quest that I've completed and is off of my quest page? I guess I could do it on another character, but... ugh... Does anyone know what the EXACT parameters are for the three achievements above? They seem obvious, but for all I know, the King's Fall raid also requires you to do final DPS with one eye closed and the Raid as a Clan achievement requires you to sing a sea shanty as a group while playing.

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