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Завтра Destiny 2 будет обновлена. Пользователям необходимо войти в игру еще раз после установки обновления. Следите за новостями @BungieHelp.

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6/24/2017 5:10:47 AM

New Exclusive Destiny 2 Clan: Please Stop Dying. Apply now!

Welcome to Please Stop Dying. Now the name itself is one that demands a little bit of attention and was made in a satirical fashion similar to that of Bomb Squad Kittens. We're looking for people with a real/growing community presence; streamers, youtubers, twitter presences, etc. We will spread across PvE and PvP so members can do whatever they do best in. Be sure to promote your stream and other links to the members as we will encourage cross-promotion and collaboration between members. If you are interested in becoming apart of this group click the link to be taken to the application.

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