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6/18/2017 4:47:27 PM

I think the critics were a bit harsh on "The Mummy"

[b]Spoiler Alert[/b] Yes, there were things in the movie where it needs to be done differently for a proper mummy movie. Lets face it though, it was not completely terrible to the point where people shouldn't even consider watching it. My Ratings: 3/5, 6.5/10, 64% I'll start with the bad For one Tom Cruise was the wrong actor for this role(Nick Morton). I mean come on, a guy that has made his career playing Spies/soldiers suddenly turns into a scavenger searching for rare antiques. Technically he is still "in the army" but lets face it, Nick is just a scavenger with a gun. Secondly they really overplayed Nick's own strength, therefore underplaying Set's power/strength once he took form in Nick's body. Showing Nick successfully take on Mr Hyde on his own should not have been in the film. Sure he gets bashed around a bit but all of these fights he gets in with the monsters and he ends up fatigued after. Then Set takes over his body and somehow Nick is still able maintain control of his mind. I mean come on, if there is a God that took over somebody mind and body you would not be able to fight back. Thirdly the plot got a little mixed up with an intro to this new "Dark Universe" they are trying to make. Maybe they should have just focused on making this a pure mummy movie rather than trying to explain this stuff for the "Dark Universe" series. Make "The Mummy" as it's own film then make a prequel movie to explain all of the things about the group that gets rid of evil. Fourthly some of the fights could've been much more memorable. They were basically just Nick getting knocked around a bunch. One that even I could improve is the fight with Mr Hyde. Ahmanet was in the next room ready to escape and they could have just had it so she was the one that actually fights Mr Hyde(protecting her chosen) and then escapes. Nick vs Mr Hyde= Nick gets kicked around until he gets hold of the serum, Ahmanet vs Mr Hyde= an actual fight. Now I know there was a lot of bad but now I'll talk about the good. First Sofia Boutella did a great job in her role as Ahmanet. She may not have had a ton of lines but she was able to show a lot of the emotions with her facial expressions and the way she moved. Second it is entertaining to the point where you wish there was more. You get to enjoy the movie as a movie maybe not a full Mummy movie but movie in general. It also does tend to intrigue you about how this Dark Universe will turn out. Third it is giving monster movie fans a little something. Lets face it, the only recent monster movies are just cartoon ones like Hotel Transylvania and Monsters Inc. Other ones are just superhero movies(don't really count) Fourth it is bringing back the genre that many people become fascinated with.

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