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6/4/2017 10:50:26 AM

Exotic Weekend

I have this idea that has been floating my mind for some time; what if Bungie created an event called "Exotic Weekend" where you can equip exotics in all slots :0 then you can obviously use that build in any activity, what would be yours? An example of mine: Bladedancer PvP: •Helmet - Mask of the Third Man •Arms - Shinobu's Vow (extra skip grenade) •Chest - ATS/8 Tarantella (grenade charges faster) •Legs - FR0ST-EE5 (even faster grenades) Voidwalker PvP •Helmet - Obsidian Mind •Arms - Nothing Manacles (extra scatter grenade) •Chest - Alchemist's Raiment (orbs recharge grenade and melee) •Legs - Transversive Steps (the only warlock exotic legs lol) Sunsinger PvE •Helmet - Aphotheosis Veil •Arms - Sunbreakers (extra solar grenade) •Chest - Heart of the Praxic Fire •Legs - Transversive Steps Team it with Mayhem Clash or Nightfall with Daybreak and you could have real chaos

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