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6/14/2017 11:41:55 PM

Sweaty Trials Workout

Ello there. My friends and I were just bored so we decided to make an Elimination/Trials workout plan. For every round lost we have to do five reps in elimination or ten in trials, this will add up through the match then we do then during the match making. So get three rounds lost, 15 reps. We were alternating every match with either Pushups or Crunches. For trials, we wanted to make it a bit more fun. For every win on our card, we multiple our reps by that number. So at max, 90. For lost Matches in trials we decided to run 1/4 of a mile, so one full mile if we loose all (Including Mercy). So that is the jists of it. I didn't want to post it on here, but I was dared so why not. Why not join us? We need more exercise than simple our thumbs and getting up for food/drink and bathroom.

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