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5/30/2017 5:52:15 AM

Constant Canary Error

Hello, I don't know if this topic has been brought up before, but I could really use some help here. First of all, I play Destiny on Xbox almost every night, like, 5-6 nights AT LEAST. I have 50 Mbps internet, and my Xbox is hard wired into my router. I'm running an Arris SB6141 Modem, and a Netgear N750 router. HOWEVER, for some reason, every other night, like clockwork, I get a canary error at the beginning of the night. Every night I log into my character, run to the tower, and get ready to hop into a game mode, be it strike, crucible, or raid, and every night, while loading into the first matchmade activity of the session, I get a canary. After that, Its SMOOOOOTH sailing. I have taken ALL the basic steps to try and improve/eradicate this issue. I have hard reset the Xbox, Power cycled my modem & router, unplugged, and re-plugged everything after checking all cords for integrity. I don't know what the deal is, or what, if anything, I can do to remedy this situation. I would greatly LOVE some insight, or tips.

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