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Condor's Fury speedrunning clan

Hi, I'm Will, I'm 17 years old and looking for members to join my new clan called Condor's Fury (couldn't think of anything else tbh). If you are interested, send a screenshot with your best time on any mission and I'll compare it to the current world record (unless you got that record). You must have a somewhat fully leveled titan with twilight garrison, sleeper, gally, basically anything that can dps the hell out of bosses and also good weapons to clear adds such as rockets with tripod and cluster bombs. You will need the 4th Horseman as well as other full auto shotties for activities with burns and specialist. You get the point. You will also need hunters with celestial nighthawk just in case, but I'll stop droning on, I have probably forced a bunch of obvious requirements for a clan like this in your face so I'll move on. You have to be at least 16 years old, have a good mic (no kinect mics), and you have to have patience, don't expect to hit the world record on the first try, it takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. I need members that are chill but tryhards at the same time (basically don't be toxic). I need people that can actually titan skate, not just pressing the A button every 2 seconds or so. If you are a mature older teen/adult looking for a means to join the speedrunning community and are interested in joining Condor's Fury, feel free to contact me with the options below. GT: CoreTerminus Kik: CondorTerminus Until I get something set up like Discord or Skype, Kik will be the platform where we organize times to play. Thank you for your consideration, see you starside.

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