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Изменено (Azurephoenix999): 5/21/2017 1:20:31 PM

Finally beat the Aksis Challenge

After 5 hours yesterday and 4 hours today (about half of that spent finding people), my group and I finally kicked his ass and completed the challenge. Almost every time, someone would miss a supercharge, or not know where to be when the time came. One time the bomb thrower in mid died, so we had to compensate by having the bomb throwers on left and right get mids bombs for them. The lack of communication caused us to not grab bombs until it was too late, so they expired. We hit aksis with 6 of them and there was one bomb left in mid, the guy from right jumped down and threw it....AND -blam!-ING MISSED! It was annoying at the time, but now it's just hilarious. Aksis is -blam!-ing huge, and the guy somehow managed to hit the wall behind him. Our final attempt was easily the most memorable for me. We didn't manage to kill him on the second damage phase, so we had to get him on the third. Wanting to avoid a glitch that would cause the challenge not to complete if we killed him too quickly, we deliberately waited until the third teleport to do damage. We get past the second teleport, I'm the only one on left side and I'm not empowered. I called out about three times before someone started scrambling towards me. Aksis teleported to right side, the left pad lit up, and the guy on his way to left was still firmly in mid. We were almost 100% certain he wasn't going to make it. Somehow, the stars aligned and he made it to the pad before time was up. We got the supercharge and stunned Aksis simultaneously, with what I can only assume is 0.00001 seconds left. Afterwards we more or less gang--blam!- him with swords and cannon fire. Beating a challenge has never been so satisfying. Once he was dead, we spent a good 5 minutes teabagging him and shooting into the air. That was my last raid challenge, and I'm so glad I never have to do that shit again.

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