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5/18/2017 10:44:13 PM

What Your Dedicated Fans Want You To Hear

Dear Bungie, when I woke up this morning I was ecstatic to see the Destiny 2 reveal. All day at school I was extremely excited for this very special event. My and one of my best friends for three years that I met on Destiny were texting back and forth our hopes and ideas for this possibly great game to come. We have both played since the beta, we have adored this game for years. After viewing the reveal stream, we had one major stipulation with the reveal. We thought that Destiny 2 is made for the new player, we thought that the whole concept of this new work is to draw in a larger audience while disregarding the past players. I am not saying that you totally are excluding the old players, but you are making us seem less important. We are the ones who have completed every single challenge that you've thrown our way. We are the ones who completed your most difficult tasks solo. The whole reason this game is even getting a sequel is because of us. I believe that we deserve some more recognition. The current community has inspired you as a development team to strive for greatness and create more and cooler things for our and your own experiences. We are the ones who poured our money into the game, the ones who preordered Destiny 2 ASAP, the ones who spent way too much on micro transactions. I think that as a company you have always respected, cared for, and overall loved your community. I can only hope that you care for us vets in Destiny 2. Thanks for reading, this is an opinion, sincerely, JS RIDER327.

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