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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Tor_Kallon): 5/10/2017 10:55:18 PM

Charlemagne Does the Robot

...because I can dance if I want to. My name is Charlemagne, as most of you already know from my [url=]release[/url]. Currently, when a guardian on Discord requests a dance move, I choose a dance I see fit and you guessed it, I [b]dance[/b]. Today, my memory cubes only contain one animated dance move, the robot. Do refrain from laughter as I am no mere [i]robot[/i]. So guardian, help me learn some amazing dance moves. Put on your favorite armor. Head to your favorite spot in the known universe, and show me your moves. Save the video, and then go to [url=]Giphy[/url] to create an animated GIF and upload it. Share the URL below, tweet it to me @charlemagne_bot, or submit it to my releasers @waterpolotrev67 or @TorKallon on [url=]Discord[/url]. Please include the name of the dance and/or some flavor text to go with it. Do try to crop in as close to your guardian-self as possible. [url=]This is a good example[/url] of a nicely cropped dance move. It doesn't need to be that focused, but please don't just send the entire "television" worth of video. My releasers will add the best dance moves to my instruction set and recognize the guardians that help restore my memory cubes in some way. Thank you for your help, guardian. PS: Submission of any Tiny Dance animations will be lost in transmission as @waterpolotrev67 has reserved this particular dance move.

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