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Изменено (Felicity_Faye): 9/14/2016 6:31:03 AM

Warlock dodge and Hunter spiderman

So I've read a couple of threats where Warlocks really want a dodge-like ability like Titan Twilight Garrison and Hunter Shadestep. They feel left out and will claim that it would be only "fair". But would it be? I don't believe so. Both Warlocks and Titans have the ability to hold themselves still in midair. Warlock Angel of Light and Titan Empyrean Bellicose. Not just that, the Titan has access to them on all subclasses because they are Exotic perks, whereas Warlock and Hunter are limited to the subclass. Give Warlocks their dodge but in return give Hunter something aswell. I was thinking about some Exotic gloves/boots with a perk that allows us to use our knife to hold onto a wall. Like players can in Titanfall. Hunter wallhang does whatever spiderman can. Just an idea. #HunterWallhang

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