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5/2/2017 3:21:01 PM

Problem with Special Weapon changes

Ok I've been playing Destiny since Beta and have genuinely enjoyed myself interesting universe, lots of things to do, good classes. The Crucible is one of the main stays I like about the game but the recent changes make it entirely unbalanced. Taking special away as you have was a decent idea although instead of solving issues its made many more than what was happening before this fix. Taking special away from everything other than Sidearms makes the Crucible entirely unbalanced as the only thing that can continuously have special ammo is sidearms. I realize that before this update all sidearms had special ammo on spawn and were pre-loaded with it, but now that every other special weapon is without ammo for them that gives sidearms a large advantage over every other special weapon that there is. I believe either you all need to take away ammo spawn automatically from start or lessen the damage and fire rate either or to bring balance back, because now all I see are sidearms not shotties as the Meta and that's just a switch not a fix. Crucible is more like a chore now instead of a fun time because all you see a lot of people doing is running around with a sidearm instead of a shottie or a fusion or whatever. I hope to see this fixed sometime soon because it's starting to make me reluctant to play the things I enjoy. Hope this helps.

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