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5/2/2017 12:03:04 AM

Moments of Triumph

I just realized [b]a little late[/b] that I never completed year 1 Moments of triumph, and here's why that is a problem: I never beat Skolas [u]I did though[/u] I remember beating Skolas when there were still burn modifiers like solar. In fact, we did beat him while solar was an active modifier. Gjallarhorns were a requirement. I got my first Queenbreakers Bow from this event. I remember being stoked about getting that shader. I remember checking and confirming my completion of Moments of Triumph. I deleted my warlock during TTK so I don't have the event history. So...what happened? I have my year one queens. Did they happen to redact those victories earned before the removal of elemental burns? Bungy pls delet destiny

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