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4/24/2017 10:58:51 PM

WOTM challange completed, video proof, no rewards

As the title says. There is proof that it is the 390 light because a few players receive one ornament for raid completion. There is proof in the in game text that Aksis was supercharged properly. We had two complete rounds with 3 DPS and Aksis slams, and following that we had one more Aksis slam (and supercharge) to finish lethal damage. I know 7 supercharges in this exact manner work because that's the exact amount it took my group that beat the challenge earlier in the week. I have 100% the raid page in the new progress book, I know how to do things, but not I nor anyone received out loot drops for beating this. I understand this is possibly a known issue? In that case I simply provide more proof and more complaining. I apologize for my voice if you find it annoying, and the out of context speaking as I find it rude to record anyone else w/o them knowing. Also sorry for language. I only need one exotic adept from this raid left, Genesis-Chain, c'mon man. Some of these guys hadn't/haven't beaten it yet and deserve rewards.

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